Board of Directors
Father Larry Canavera - Founder
Dave Thompson - Chair
Kathie Demuth - Vice Chair
Jim Fitzpatrick - Treasurer
Michele Feivor - Secretary
Dr. Jack Hale
Jim Resick
Jan Dooley
Mary Albrecht
Sr. Marla Clerex
Leo Welter

Past Chairpersons
Don Jauquet
Dan Baxter

Additional Positions
Organizational Committee Chairperson - Joan Hogan
Medical Committee Chairperson - Dr. Jack Hale
Education Committee Co-Chairpersons - Jan Dooley and Fr. Larry Canavera
Development Committee Chairperson- Jim Resick
Financial Committee Chairperson - Jim Fitzpatrick
Shipping Coordinator- Don Jauquet
Travel Coordinator - Jackie Kucera
Recording Secretary - Michele Feivor