Mission Statement
Friends of Haiti is a nonprofit organization operating as one interconnected family with the people living in the four sections of Thomazeau, Haiti.  We are devoted, through our mutual efforts, to improve their health, education and economic development.

Vision Statement
Our vision is a Haitian community within the four sections of Thomazeau where
  • Educated and motivated Haitians are helping other Haitians to become self-sufficient and respectful of the rights and responsibilities of each other.
  • The Haitian people we partner with have access to clean water, adequate health care, education and a secure food source.
  • We are able to provide dedicated volunteers that have the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to support our mission.
We will accomplish this by
  • Increasing our knowledge of the Haitian culture and the needs of the people we partner with.
  • Networking with other non-government organizations, government agencies and other mission groups.
  • Building an organization that is self-sustaining with the necessary staff of volunteers to carry out our mission.
  • Accumulating needed financial resources through corporate sponsors, religious organizations and individual donors who are aware of our mission and consistently provide us with financial support.
Statement of Values

The People of Haiti
We respect and embrace the dignity of the Haitian people and culture.  We listen to their needs and respond by sharing our resources in a compassionate and collaborative manner.  We are advocates for the Haitian people by recognizing and supporting their need for justice and basic human rights.

Our Donors
We are committed to building trust with our donors through honest, on-going communication.  We acknowledge our donors gifts so they can celebrate with us our shared aspirations and achievements.  We hold ourselves accountable in using those gifts in support of our mission and vision.

Our Volunteers
We cherish our volunteers and support them by providing a welcoming atmosphere, timely and open communication and a sense of belonging.  We value each individual for their gifts and express our gratitude with an invitation for continuing opportunities to attain our vision.